Friday, 15 April 2011

April, 15 2011 ~

In life, there are lots of decisions and choices to be made. I am one of those people. For example, i create this blog because of my friend, SAHAFUL, ask me to do so .. haha .. Kmbali serious ~ We may never know what would be the outcome of the choice we made but whatever it will be, we cannot retrieve those things that happened in the past. We may sigh in regret but it happened already and all we have to do is accept and learn. That’s why we cannot think only twice but a couple of times when making decision because we don't want any regrets when the damage has been done. Now, I learn to accept things planned, maybe God has a reason why He leads me to this difficult experience. I know, it is me, myself that paints my life in this world. There is no turning back. I learn that, it is in my hands what better life I can offer to myself.